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Effective Fox Pest Control in London

360 Wildlife Control helps you get rid of foxes from your garden and home and prevent damage to your property. We use humane methods for fox pest control in London that strictly adhere to legal guidelines.

Specialised Fox Removal in London

Foxes are a real source of concern for people in every part of London. These large mammals carry a parasitic roundworm that can be passed into humans. Foxes also carry lungworm that impacts the respiratory system in dogs and cats. Many diseases can be transmitted by contacting the faeces of these mammals.

360 Wildlife Control will help you eliminate them with deterrents, humane traps, and proofing. Our experienced and highly qualified control specialists will solve your fox problems quickly and stop their access to your property.

In London, strict government restrictions are in place to control foxes. So, if you suspect foxes living in your outbuildings, it is crucial to call an expert to remove them legally. We use various methods to control foxes to prevent urban and city foxes from turning into extreme nuisances. As a leading provider of fox pest control in London, we have been helping people with fox prevention and removal techniques for over 30 years.

How We Help Control Foxes

360 Wildlife Control provides fox control in every London area when the fox menace is at its peak. We use some of the most effective pest control techniques, such as trapping, proofing, and culling.

Trapping involves the deployment of wire mesh and cage traps. These are positioned in strategic places in your garden. When the fox gets trapped, call us to remove it and set the trap again.

Proofing structures hinders foxes from accessing your garden. Our technicians can erect a galvanised wire mesh to fence your garden so that foxes cannot enter. Culling is only performed after a thorough inspection of your site. We ensure that your garden is entirely safe to employ this technique. Our professionals perform culling within the legal framework.

If you want effective fox pest control in London at competitive prices, contact us today. Call us for a no-obligation quote at 07990 520660 / 07818 045200 or drop us an email at