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Safe and Effective Rabbit Control in Scotland

Rabbits can severely damage property and land. At 360 Wildlife Control, we blend traditional methods with advanced technology to safely remove these mammals from land and sites.

Pests such as rabbits are a nuisance to gardeners and farmers as they cause significant crop damage. Burrowing rabbits are a threat to livestock such as horses. In orchards and plantations, they wreak havoc with ring barking. Here, these pests gnaw through the bark around the tree’s base, leading to the death of the affected tree. Rabbit burrows are a significant risk to the safety and health of animals and humans alike.

Our team of qualified and well-experienced technicians has been delivering effective rabbit control in Scotland. We have worked on diverse sites, from power stations to places of national importance and busy airports. Our technicians are fully trained in this area of pest control and analyse every situation to determine the safest options for pest control.

Methods We Use for Rabbit Control in Scotland

Rabbit control takes place in two forms; rabbit exclusion or rabbit eradication. For exclusion, our technicians use rabbit-proof fencing. These high fences prevent the mammals from jumping over. At the same time, they are buried deep beneath the ground so they cannot burrow underneath it.

For eradication, we employ various methods according to the circumstances. Some common ones are trapping or shooting, and gassing. Our team recommend that you rabbit-proof the affected area to prevent chances of further infestation.

Put an End to Wild Rabbit Infestation

The major signs of a wild rabbit infestation include droppings around your garden and holes in the ground. You may also find your garden plans and furniture damaged. Rabbits reproduce alarmingly, so their infestations can quickly become very severe. If you’ve spotted any of these signs, give our rabbit control service a call.

Wild rabbits exhibit an aggressive nature, especially when threatened. Their large teeth can easily penetrate your skin. So we warn you against trying to approach one yourself.

Don’t put your safety at risk. Call our professional rabbit control in Scotland for safe and hassle-free services at 07990 520660 / 07818 045200 or email