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Badger Proofing, Mitigation & Conservation

Badgers and their setts are legally protected under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 and under Schedule 6 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended). Offences under the legislation include intentionally capturing, killing, or injuring a badger; damaging, destroying, or blocking access to their setts; and disturbing badgers in their setts. Licensing (from Natural England) allows activities that would otherwise be unlawful to proceed.

This includes ensuring that badgers are excluded/managed from the construction projects for example.

360 Wildlife Control have worked on badger conservation on some of the UK’s largest construction projects. We operate nationwide as well as subcontractors for Ecologist and Pest Control Firms.

When a site has badger constraints, we work with the team to protect or relocate badgers under an EPS licence.

We can install badger fencing to exclude badgers and prevent them from entering a site. Badger fencing can be used to direct the animals along a path and if required we can create an artificial sett in a new location. The existing sett can then be closed.

We can install or replace badger gates as either part of a licensed badger mitigation programme, when closing a badger sett or replace badger gates in new or existing fence lines to exclude badgers from a particular area. This can be particularly useful where badgers are recorded using a path through a construction site.

We can also help with all forms of temporary or permanent fencing suitable for amphibians, reptiles, voles, otters or badgers; we have solutions to meet your requirements

Taking into account the characteristics of the wildlife you wish to exclude or contain, we can design fencing products that best suit specific species.

For more information please contact the 360 Wildlife Control Team