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A truly environmental and extremely effect method of rabbit removal is with our Professional Ferreting Team. Non target species such as Polecats, slow worms and stoats remain unharmed, making it ideal for use on conservation projects. It is the only legal means to evict rabbits from there burrows.

There is a huge difference from hobby ferreting as our highly skilled and knowledgeable operators who leave nothing to chance.

All rabbit holes are covered in either purse nets or bolt traps and the warren encircled by a long net to ensure no escapees. Ferrets wear locator collars, enabling 100% recovery. The ferrets flush the rabbits out. All ferrets are kept in spacious travel boxes with access to food and water. When not working with the team, ferrets enjoy a relaxing lifestyle with their owners in large hutches and runs. A well looked after ferret is a good investment.

We can work with a no dig policy where the ground cannot be disturbed or with a Cat & Jenny, when services could be an issue.

The skilled team can cover large areas in one day ensuring warrens are cleared of their occupants. Essential when any warrens may be destroyed in the construction of roads and building projects. We can rabbit proof the holes if required, leaving sufficient access for non target species such as slow worms.

All rabbits are kept out of sight and wherever possible are used in the animal or human food chain

We work all year round although better results can be achieved in the winter months when vegetation is at its lowest and any rabbits removed are over wintering breeding stock. We general work in daylight but in some situations can work at night for example when roads or railways are closed.

This is an extremely cost effective method and in nearly all situations preferential to gassing. In fact, it is our most requested control option and even more effective when paired with covert night shooting with thermal imaging.

The ferreting team regularly operate on farms, equestrian, archaeological sites, private gardens, solar farms, construction projects, air fields, cemeteries, military bases, business and industrial parks, as well as on railway embankments and motorways,

We cover the UK and for more information please contact the 360 Wildlife Team.