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Trapping and Drop Boxes

360 Wildlife Control is pleased to offer two live trapping options for rabbits, both being environmentally friendly with any non target species being able to be safely released.

The first option are cage traps baited often with carrots, and securely pegged down to hamper removal by foxes. Sufficient numbers need to be set to be effective. The traps are inspected twice a day or more. Working 24/ 7 they are very cost effective and useful in the right locations but are open to theft and vandalisms due to their visibility when left unattended.

Although not so in demand these days they do serve as a useful tool where the rabbits are entering from areas where access is not possible, such as railway lines. The low cost makes this an alternative method where drop boxes and fencing may not be possible.

Metal drop boxes can be installed with a new rabbit proof fence or indeed retro fitted to an existing one. The rabbits within days use the run through of the dropbox, non the wiser. Once they become accustomed to this run, the trap can be set. Any rabbits that now use it fall harmlessly into the holding bay via a trap door. It is not just rabbits that use these runs, and it is not unusual for stoats, polecats, fox cubs and the like to be found in the holding area. Fortunately any non target species can be safely released by the technician, unharmed.

It is not unusual to catch up to 20 plus rabbits in each box a night. They do need to be check regularly and we generally do so twice a day.

All traps are locked to prevent misuse.

The covert nature of the trap, which is buried below ground, make this a very much go to tool when discretion is the key, such as on playing and cricket field boundaries, public parks and sides of railways. That said they are still extremely efficient whenever used either on farmland, moorland, forestry and gardens.