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Feral Cat Trapping, Rehoming & Neutering

From recapture of escaped mammals, to feral cats, we can assist.

Feral cats are an on going issue often around urban locations, causing damage to wildlife such as song birds and public health, through fouling and the spread of parasites.

With no natural UK predators, the colonies can quickly grow, sometimes resulting in sick and malnourished felines. There are an estimated 1 million feral cats in the UK.

360 Wildlife Control’s team are well versed in the management of feral cats from a single kitten to large colonies. Our preferred route is live cage trapping after a pre baiting period.  We like to work with local cat charities and organisations, if possible, where a responsible neutering and rehoming programme offers the cats a new life.

For more information on Feral Cat issues please contact the 360 WildlifeControl team.