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 Night and Thermal Vision Shooting

In recent years the huge technological advances in thermal imaging scopes and night vison devices along with thermal spotters have made this one of our key specialist options for the covert control of rabbits at night, and indeed other target species such as rats and foxes. The benefits are clear, as working in complete darkness, the rabbits are oblivious to our presence. This is incredibly effective on lamp shy and easily spooked rabbits and when covert operations are needed on sensitive sites, such as golf courses and urban locations. On agricultural land it is devastating and on one archaeological site, which had suffered from substantial rabbit damage for years, over 140 rabbits were removed in one session, such was their unawareness of the marksman.

We use subsonic segmenting rounds for both safety and quietness along with premium silencers.

For these reasons it is a very much in demand service

The world has changed and gone are the days you can let anyone onto a piece of land without thorough and fit for purpose equipment, insurance, and qualifications. Simply turning up and shooting of the tailgate of a pick-up is clearly exposing the both the operator and client to unnecessary risk and claim.

Each DBS checked marksman is highly experienced and certified in the use of rifles, thermal imaging, urban and night shooting, First aid plus F as well as safety. Each team has frequent ongoing training, practice, and examination. Likewise, all equipment is checked and maintained regularly. We are able to supply full CVs and list of qualifications for each team

Marksman can work on their own (we have loan worker policies and tracker systems) on foot or in teams from specialist 4 x 4 vehicles with a safe shooting platform. Drivers use night vison to navigate pre planned routes and hold suitable 4 x 4 driving certification.  Full Rams and briefings are issued and agreed in advance of any activity. We also have mobile high seats which can be assembled and removed on the night, leaving no evidence of their use.

In higher risk locations we operate in teams, with one spotting with a thermal imager at all times.

We regularly work in Urban locations and airports and are fully insured airside.

Whenever possible we use non-toxic and lead-free rounds. All spent cartridges are picked up, essential when operating on runways.

All rabbits are collected, and a report issued the next day along with pre agreed photographic evidence.

For more information please contact the 360 Wildlife Control team