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Although a last resort method, rabbit gassing is called upon by clients from time to time and has its place in rabbit management.

There is significant legalisation that must be followed with the usage of Phostoxin, the fumigant used for gassing. There are also stringent risk assessments and the prohibition of usage near buildings, water courses are but a few restrictions that make this a much less popular method than in previous periods.

All rabbits need to be moved back into their warrens, before the tablet from the gas is administered, with firmly blocked burrow entrances. Moisture in the ground activates the tablet to release its gasses.

The gas will eliminate all wildlife in the warren and should therefore be avoided when there is a risk of non-target species such as reptiles, stoats, and polecats.

360 Wildlife Control has a fully qualified and equipped team available to advise and administer Phostoxin UK wide.