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Mink Control

Since the 1950’s the American mink has established itself across the UK, following escapees and releases from fur farms.

This non-native invasive species has had both a major impact and detrimental effect on native fauna with predation of birds such as the kingfisher and water voles, the latter suffering a decline of over 90% in Sussex alone.

It is not just wildlife suffering, but also domestic animals such as ducks, geese, and commercial fish farms.

Mink trapping is an essential conservation tool as a well as pest control.

360 Wildlife Control offer and recommend humane cage trapping. Ideal in public parks and nearly all situations, especially where there is a risk of non-target species such as otters being caught, which prevent the use of other forms of control.

Any non-target species can be swiftly released unharmed. The added use of wireless wildlife cameras alerts the operator 24/7 to any capture and tampering of the trap, enabling an expedient response.

In certain situations, shooting with thermal and night vison can be useful when a specific location has regular mink visiting bait stations.

Our experienced team work throughout the UK and Scotland.