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Fox Trapping & Shooting

Whether it is dealing with a chicken raiding fox, to humanely trapping a fox stalling a construction site or in a warehouse, to removing foxes from Airports, the team have can help with an immediate, safe and discreet solution.

360 Wildife Control’s team have over 30 years’ experience of dealing with Foxes in both sensitive urban and rural locations throughout the UK.

Foxes through bin raiding, damaging property, fouling, urination, predation, and spreading disease and parasites have become a prolific pest species, especially in recent years in urban and commercial environments.

Regular features often seen in the press include articles of foxes attacking pets.

The fox has no natural predator in the UK, and 360 Wildlife control can now for fill this apex management role.

Our nationwide team of professional fox controllers are both trained, qualified, and certified in all forms of fox control including, humane trapping, humane dispatch, first aid plus F, urban fox control and night shooting.

We use the latest technological equipment, including night vison and thermal spotters.

We offer all forms of advice and control from a site visit, to non-lethal deterrents, removal, proofing and prevention.

Options include discreet humane live catch traps with an option of a wildlife camera for both security and monitoring any activation of the trap. This is an ideal method in high risk and public locations such as schools, retail parks and factories. The cameras give an instant photo message to the team on any capture or tampering. Our technicians are expert in setting and baiting the cages for all scenarios.

Our solutions include where safe, covert night shooting with highly trained marksman using silenced rifles and thermal imaging or and night vision, ideal for airports where we regularly work airside.

We also offer a collection and humane dispatch service should clients wish to undertake their own trapping programme.

Above all, safety is number one to both our team, the client as well as the public. Our service is discreet, transparent, and extremely effective. Indeed, we regularly work for pest control firms and in situations where results have not been previously successful.