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Thermal Drone

360 Wildlife Control offer cutting edge ultra high resolution thermal drone wildlife surveys, along with GIS, 2D and 3d modelling.

With the need for accurate wildlife management plans and counts throughout the UK, we have a highly specialised method to survey deer, badger, wild boar, hare, rabbit, avian and wildlife populations. Now cull and wildlife reports can be based expediently on truly accurate data. No more guess work, laborious on foot counts or errors.

Using our intimate knowledge of deer and wildlife, and their behaviour allows us to perform modelling for land managers and the pest control industry.

The drones can be used in daylight but are very effective at night when deer and target wildlife are most likely to be active.

Deer thermal signatures can be detected up to 4 kilometres away flying at 400 ft. The target wildlife is oblivious to the drone.

Using the drone allows us to survey large areas of land very efficiently and much quicker and accurate than traditional ground-based counts and estimates.

Ideal for Phase One habitat assessments.

We believe this industry changing and enhancing tool, will be a standard requirement before any cull justification or management plans in the future. Why have any margin of doubt when the drone surveys eliminates any guess work….and only deals in photographic fact.

Our operators are highly experienced and used currently in some of the UK’s largest deer surveys for government bodies, estates, public and private sector, charities, farming and forestry sectors.

We also sub contract to the wildlife and pest control sector, with all reports branded as required.

We operate throughout the UK with Drones based in Scotland and the South of England.

Our Team are fully CCA certified for commercial drone operations both in daylight and at night as well fully insured. The surveys are headed up and all reports completed by a fully qualified Ecologist.