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Fencing Proofing

360 Wildlife Control offer a rabbit proof fencing service throughout the UK. Whether it’s a private residence, Motorway embankment to an archaeological monument we are pleased to assist.

We carry out all forms of fencing including deer, wildlife and conservation fencing and proofing works.

With our expert knowledge of wildlife, we are very aware of their determination and at what they can do to get over, through or indeed under. To prevent chewing, digging or climbing, all our fencing and proofing systems use premium quality materials with full depth and height to ensure they prevent entry for many years. This is more cost effective in the long term than cheaper options.

We can also retrofit netting onto existing fences (such as post and rail, stock and chain link fencing etc). This allows us to install fencing both expediently and cost effectively.

It is often helpful with rabbit fencing to install to install drop boxes along the fence. These rabbit drop boxes are extremely effective and covert. Ideal for use on playing fields, commercial estates, ecologically sensitive sites along with farmland. They swiftly enable us to catch any rabbits that are trying to breach the fence, whilst any non-target species can be harmlessly released.

Conservation Fencing

Whether you need temporary or permanent fencing suitable for amphibians, reptiles, voles, otters, or badgers; we have solutions to meet your requirements.

Taking into consideration the characteristics of the wildlife you wish to exclude or contain, we can design fencing products that best suit specific species.

Please contact the 360 Wildlife Control team who will be happy to advise you on any aspect of rabbit and wildlife fencing & proofing.