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Squirrel Control

The American Grey squirrel is well known for being not only an invasive but having a very serious detrimental impact on native fauna and of course the iconic Red Squirrel.

Aside from the harm it does to nesting song birds and wildlife, the Grey Squirrel causes damage to both commercial, domestic properties as well as forestry to name but a few.

360 Wildlife Control offers a number of methods to deal with squirrels either on a one off situation, such trapping in a residential attic, to wholescale management  in a park or woodland environment.

Cage trapping offers a safe release of any non target species, unharmed. We recommend the cages are used in conjunction with a wildlife camera to monitor the site and  alert our team to any captures or tampering of the trap. This enables a swift response.

We do offer humane UK approved kill trap alternatives but only when our risk assessments show a zero risk to non-target species. We can in certain situations install traps at height for safety, away from the passers-by. We hold full certification for working at height and RAMS will be issued in advance, as safety is our number one priority to both our team, the client and the public, along with welfare to wildlife.

Drey control. In the winter months we can flush squirrels from Dreys (where they live) where they can be shot by trained marksmen. The use of modern technology also enables shooting using thermal scopes and spotters, often in conjunction of bait stations.

The 360 Team can advise on the best options for depending on the situation and the desired objectives.