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Drop Nets and Long Nets

A drop net is a system where a circa 100 yards or similar length of net if held on poles above the ground to allow rabbits to travel underneath to and from their harbourage and feeding grounds.

After a few days and nights of getting used to the net, the rabbits freely commute underneath, oblivious to its presence. When this occurs one of the 360 Wildlife Team will stealthy after dark, approach the net, where a pull cord has been pre laid. Upon this cord being be pulled, the net immediately falls to the ground and the rabbits can then be flushed by another team member appearing in front of the rabbits, who dash for their warens. They are then harmlessly entangled in the soft mesh of the net. In the unlikely event any none target species are caught, they can he swiftly and safely released, none the worse for the experience.

The drop net system is very effective and is ideal in areas where other methods are untenable, such as when rabbits are coming in from railway or motorway embankments outside a clients ownership, where they cannot be ferreted. However, leaving a net out for a period of time exposes it to tampering, vandalism and theft. Despite this limitation, in the right locations this is a very effective method which can produce awesome catch rates.

Long nets are set directly on the night quietly between feeding rabbits and their warrens, by a highly skilled technician . Once laid the rabbits are flushed by a second operator so they flee to their burrows, being intercepted by the net’s soft meshes. More recently, the longnets are pre fitted on glass fibre poles and are used to encircle rabbit warrens when ferreting, to prevent any escapees.

For more information please contact the 360 Wildlife Control Team.