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Immediate Rat Detection

360 Wildlife Control offer immediate solutions to rat infestations when other methods cannot be used or when additional help is needed as part of a management programme.

Our highly trained rat detection team of terriers can track, locate and if required, dispatch anything from a single rat in a warehouse to substantial infestations at waste management plants. This environmentally friendly method can remove hundreds of rats in hours. The team work on farms, factories, waste sites, recycling centres, bakeries, schools and indeed any location rat’s habitat.

Rats can be flushed by adapted smokers, air blowers and immediately dealt with by the terriers. Welfare and safety are paramount to all members of the team, and we have designated first aid plus F trained technicians and Canine First Aid trained operators for the terriers.

This is a highly effective method when a client wants large quantities of rats removed instantly. The terriers work nationwide and travel in air condition boxes with regular welfare breaks. When not at work the terriers enjoy family life at home and are regularly vet checked and fully inoculated.  They are also used to wearing HI VIZ collars and coats if required. Animal welfare is paramount, and a happy terrier is a valued member of the team.

Night Vison and Thermal Shooting

Using cutting edge technology 360 Wildlife Control can detect rat locations both covertly and simplistically at night using thermal spotters. In addition, our highly trained marksman uses thermal and night vison scopes, on state of the art, multiple shot, silenced air rifles. The rats are oblivious to the technician on this highly effective and covert method. This is ideal in warehouses, waste sites and especially in highly sensitive and public locations. All operators are fully train and certified in night shooting and the use of thermal imaging and night vison.  All equipment is regularly tested, and a thorough plan and risk assessment put in place as safety is our number one target.