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Professional Fox Control in Surrey

360 Wildlife Control provides safe, discreet, and effective urban and rural fox pest control treatment for the Surrey area. Our fully qualified fox control experts ensure the job is done without hiccups.

Foxes are rapidly becoming a challenging urban problem in the Surrey area. The mammals have adapted to live within the confines of the city and are unafraid of humans. They understand the prevention techniques and pose a significant concern for commercial premises, particularly schools. Both urban and rural foxes can carry parasites that can adversely impact the health of humans and livestock. 360 Wildlife Control has teams of experienced and professional technicians fully equipped to provide efficient fox control in Surrey.

The Best Fox Control Experts in Surrey

Controlling foxes requires specialised skills. We have qualified, trained, and fully insured professionals who can deliver all forms of fox control, such as humane trapping, humane dispatch, urban fox control, first aid plus F, and night shooter. We work with utmost discretion and safety, following the requirements of our customers.

Rabbit 360 Wildlife Control’s team has expertise in urban and rural fox control in Surrey. We instantly spot the cause for greater fox activity around your premises and then take quick action to prevent their access. This may mean creating and setting up traps and blocking all entry points. We have been providing specialised fox control services in Surrey for over 30 years. Our professionals know how to effectively use humane deterrents, such as non-lethal traps and proofing. Rely on our local pest control experts to deal with foxes safely and effectively.

How We Control Foxes in Surrey

360 Wildlife Control has state-of-the-art equipment, such as night vision and thermal spotters, to help you manage the fox menace. From visiting the site to removing foxes and giving sound advice, we offer every form of fox control service. Our technicians use humane live catch traps for security and monitoring.

We carry out covert night shooting, and our experienced marksmen use silenced rifles and thermal imaging to track foxes.

Are foxes invading your premises? Call us today at 07990 520660 / 07818 045200 or connect with us at