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Expert Rat Control in Surrey

360 Wildlife Control specialises in rat control and removal from factories, waste sites, schools, bakeries, and any location where rats can breed in Surrey.

Fast and Effective Rat Exterminator in Surrey

The issue of a rat infestation in Surry demands urgent attention. Our highly experienced team is equipped with all the provisions for detecting, managing, and eliminating pests for you. Rat infestations, if ignored, result in structural damage to various properties. So, trust our dedicated rodent control detection team to provide you with the best services for rat extermination. We help safeguard you and your property from health conditions and property damage induced by their infestation.

360 Wildlife Control provides environmentally friendly, fast and harmless rat removal in Surrey. We have first aid plus F-trained technicians and Canine First Aid-trained operators to help you manage a severe rat infestation quickly. Our technicians inspect every part of your property and can quickly spot signs of mouse presence. We examine all possible access points of rodents and seal them off so they cannot move back in.

To secure your premise from rats, we also recommend preventative strategies so you avoid a future infestation. Be assured that our rat control in Surrey is second to none.

Manage Rat Extermination and Removal Easily

At 360 Wildlife Control, we have licensed and insured technicians who don’t rely on conventional methods to eliminate pests. Our strength lies in leveraging advanced techniques, such as thermal spotters, that facilitate the detection of rat locations covertly at night. We have professionally trained technicians equipped with the latest gears like thermal and night vision scopes and multiple short, licensed air rifles to target rats effectively.

The lightweight night vision cameras help us easily spot rats up to 100m* away. With these instruments, we obtain a clear image of rodents even in pitch black. All our cutting-edge pieces of equipment are rigorously tested. Additionally, to ensure complete safety, we adhere to a comprehensive plan and risk assessment strategy.

Don’t let your property become a dwelling place for rats. Call us at 07990 520660 / 07818 045200. You can also email for quick assistance.